The California Fresh Farmer’s Market Association’s mission is to provide to better educate the public about fresh produce and it's uses, while creating access to the community to fresh, healthy, California Grown fruits, vegetables and other produce and goods, while encouraging consumers to discover the bounty of local agriculture.  The Association organizes, manages and promotes high quality, California Certified farmer’s markets and assists hundreds of growers, producers and artisans in the sale of their products while providing increased traffic at host properties and their tenant’s businesses. 

Our Mission:

If you are a California Certified grower, baker, specialty food purveyor or have a product you wish to sell at one of our markets, please send us an email.  We will forward an application to you.


The California Fresh Farmer’s Market Association is a for profit, non profit supporting entity.


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                                                     P.O. Box 8576, Fresno CA 93747-8576

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